The Ocala National Forest Puncheon Project is Complete

From Jeff Glenn (FTA North Regional Manager)

Good Afternoon!

I wanted to reach out to everyone that attended the Western Corridor Puncheon Project on the Ocala National Forest this past trail season.  This Tuesday we wrapped up the project, installing the very last of the 800 deck timbers.  That is 9,600 linear feet of new material!  What an incredible feat, knowing that just the deck boards alone weighed a whopping 80,000 pounds, and think about how many times each one of those was picked up and put down!  We also installed 350 (26,000 pounds) of the mud sills, 700 pieces of rebar, and hammered in 3,200 timber spikes.  We had some machinery to help us along the way, but it was definitely an extremely physical project and each person’s labor is what carried us to the end.  This was a unique project for the FTA and we could not have done it without you, the hard working volunteers that gave your all.  At times it was hot, cold, muddy, swampy, and always hard work, but we did it and we should all be proud of the accomplishment.
Over the course of this project: 56 individual FTA volunteers worked 2,424 hours and drove a whopping 8,585 miles to work on the trail
I want to personally recognize the amazing leadership of Abe Christian.  His leadership and dedication was a major factor in the success of this project and he has a lot to be proud of.  There’s a reason his trail name is Beast, and after working with him, I’m sure you can see why.
I also want to thank the National Forest Foundation, REI Inc., and the Ocala National Forest for supporting this project.
A survey will be sent to you in the coming days from FTA asking for your feedback on this project.  As always, your honest responses only help us to run better programming in the future.  We will also be soliciting some of your best photos and videos to add to our collection.
Happy Holidays to all of you, and again, THANK YOU.

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