We are a group of volunteers dedicated to making our section of the Florida National Scenic Trail amazing. We are in charge of Tinsley Road at the northern part of Etoniah to about 20 miles south to highway 20 at the southern most part of Rice Creek. We are part of the Black Bear chapter that takes care of most of Ocala National Forest trails.

Florida Trail Association

My name is Abe Christian and as of now I am the only person that updates this blog. I have a goal to be the greatest trail worker ever. I love gardening and making gardens look beautiful and I also really enjoy hiking. Well the combo of those is trail work. I am super fugal and minimalist and live a simple life. I was able to afford leaving the stressful corporate world and retire before 40. Now I do what I want. I volunteer a lot and spend as much time as I can helping friends with projects.

Abe Christian’s Resume